"Brother Jones" logo with strong ball terminals on 'J' & 'S'

I've searched high and low to find something similar to the font that "Jones" has been rendered in - I particularly like the strong terminal ball (I think that's what it's called - not a typography expert, I'm afraid) on the J and S.

Anybody know what this might be?

Thanks in advance...



Looking through these fonts Saloon Girl, Maverick's Luck, Tuskcandy and Quentin have some of those characteristics.

Thanks Tim - I didn't know that "western" style was known as Tuscan.

Yes, some of these are pretty close. Perhaps it's hand drawn typography.

Thanks for the help!

Check out Letterhead fonts for this kind of stuff.

- Lex

Also Font Mesa which did Saloon Girl is a great place for Old West genre.