(x) War of the Worlds movie logo - Binderstyle {Mike F}

Hi there.

I know the first War of the Worlds title logo used Perpetua, however, I was wondering if anyone could identify this font (pictured in the 2 images below). There was a case at the WTF forums and nobody ever identified, hoping someone here would be of more help. Thanks in advance. :)


Actually - the typeface WAS identified on WTF as Binderstyle (AKA Binderstile) Bold by Philippe. I don't think there's any doubt of that. It's a matter of finding a digital font that matches. I offered up Brendel's Report Light stretched as the only digital version I knew of. I goofed, though, because I just tried Report Bold stretched and it comes even closer.

Now, though, I know that Opti also made a version that they called Binder Style Bold. There's no way to know if this was the font used from the limited preview that Castcraft gives you (and they're the ONLY place to get Opti fonts today), but movie studio designers seem to be one of the few folks who still are using (rather expensive) Opti fonts.

Thank you. I had read about Binderstyle on WTF and was still unsure. Thank you for the further information about Report Bold and the Opti fonts. :)