(x) High Tension movie logo - Ironmonger {Dav}

Hello again. I've another movie logo font to be identified, and I am pretty certain that it's a font and not a hand-drawn thing. It's the movie "High Tension" that I'd like to be identified. Thanks in advance for any help. :)

Sorry the quality is so bad, I have been looking around for a better quality shot of the text. :/


'Traktoretka', by František Štorm, may be a nice alternate
( As well as 'Brothers', by John Downer )


Well, But, Instead its 'Ironmonger', by John Downer :)


Ironmonger, eh. Cool. Too bad I can't afford it right now. Will have to write it down for a later date. Thanks :)

Thats 40 USD, for 'Ironmonger ( Black )' ?
( Thats not thaaat much, me thinks ~ Yea, Too bad that you cant afford that )


The fact that it's USD - the exchange rate would make it nearly double the cost for me. Plus just entering the new year, money is a little tight. I have enough money, just can't afford to spend it on a font at this time.

Thanks again.