Lickable graphic design

Do you ever come across graphic deisgn that is so sexy and sumptuous you just want to lick it? I came across the website for the heads of state about a year ago when i was trying to teach myself some css. their wesite is so simple and beautiful, i just fell in love with its design. and then they have some beautifuly typographic rock posters for some of my favorite bands! i wish i could buy them all. i did buy one of those beauties and when it arrived i didn't want to lick it anymore. i wanted to enshrine it and hang it on the wall. it looks absolutely gorgeous in my small little apt above the p22 offices. now if you'll excuse me, i hafta go buy some candldles...


Great stuff. Not sure I'd lick it or not. My niece was smelling things today. She thinks pink shirts smell prettier than turquoise. I have seen design that makes my heart palpitate, but not that I've wanted to lick.


Which one did you end up getting?

i got this one. although i didn't go to this show, i'd hafta say wilco is one of the best bands i've ever seen live and living in ny now... and besides, the design is just breathtaking. love it.


Great choice, that one is awesome, as are all the other posters they've produced. I love their (retro) style. I wouldn't really mind having some of those posters on my wall even if I didn't like the band.

The things I tend to like generally look too spiky to want to lick.
But the sound of a pickle jar opening does make me spontaneously salivate.


But the sound of a pickle jar opening does make me spontaneously salivate.

I think that's going to be one of the sounds for the new Fontographer 2006! >^P