A rookie tries his hand at type design

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The other day I drew some characters for a cover I was working on because I didn't have any type in my collection that served my needs. Some folks around the studio seemed to like what I had done and suggested that I complete the set to create a simple display font. I went ahead a drew some additional characters.

I'm a rookie. I would like some feedback.

I have attached a PDF so that anyone who interested in taking a close look can get a better feel of the amount of contrast, etc.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Gene.
It looks simple and elegant to me. Interesting how you've kept all crossbars at the same hight. Number '9' and letters 'P' and 'R' stand out a bit because of this. I prefer the rounded 'W' and the sharp 'V' (as obviously you do too). Any ideas for lower case?
Good luck!

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I think the light version is not that good, but it works. The bold one is very nice. The B is too angular compared to the other letters.

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Thanks for the feedback. I did take a whack at a lower case. They are sketches. A good deal of tuning is needed but I think the basic ideas are there. Also, the punctuation may need to be adjusted to better work with the lower case.

Seems the bolder version is more desireable. I think that i will adjust the lighter version so that it has a greater amount of contrast - being that the original concept sprung from a need for a set of characters that were very light in weight, condensed and had a space/future/NASA kind of feel.

thanks again for the comments. keep em coming. No holds barred - I want to learn.

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