(x) Chase Bank logo - Zekton (customised) {Dav}

anyone know this font? it's similar to Welcome which i LOVE but it's not for sale:

anyone know this font for chase bank or anything similar?


If its 'just' the logo this could have been easily custom made, or customized
( An alternate may be 'Zekton', a typeface that originally started out as a free font by Ray Larabie; Just cut the angles of 'C', 'S' and 'E', leave the 'H' and 'connect' the 'A' )

( It may sound rude, But, That 'Welcome / 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany' type has to be one of the 'oddest', Ive seen in a while, Sorry, That just looks like one of those 'trendy' free fonts )


Chase used to use Eurostile as it's logotype, and I think this is in some ways an update of that.

I just checked again, And, I think this actually IS ( based on ) 'Zekton' :)
( Look at the 'S' and the 'E' for example, they are slightly 'top heavy', like 'Zekton' )


The original 'CHASE' sample posted within the first post
( But without the customization )

The word 'CHASE', set in 'Zekton ( Extended Heavy )', in 24 pts
( Sample 'courtesy' of myFonts Test Drive :)