This is for typography geniuses only.

I have looked almost everywhere and still can’t find this font. here is the best photo I could find. The font has upper and lower cases. If it looks familiar please post a link here or email. This is really important to me. Thank all of you font geniuses!

Robert Nugent


Probably not a total match, but check out Trademarker at Fontshop.

Tiffany, I wanted to thank you for your response to my font question. That is the correct font you are absolutely correct. The sample image is slightly modified that’s all. You are now an official TYPOGRAPHY GENIUS in my book. Thank you so very very much.

Cheers, Robert Nugent

CRAP! Unfortunatly I was incorrect about the font. After much further analysis it is definatly not trademarker

FOUND IT!!!!!!again. Sorry for the continual posts. I will go away now. No need to reply. But thanks anyway. YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL PEOPLE TOO ME.
Tiffany you are still considered a GENIUS though!