Diogenes Novel covers

My dears,
Would anyone of you expertly knowledgeable types out there have the slightest clue what fonts were used on these handsomely crafted book jackets?
Eternally yours,


Looks like Bodoni to me. Specficially, Bauer Bodoni Condensed, I think. The funny little tail on the g is the giveaway.

I think it's actually Linotype Didot rather than a Bodoni. The curve of the upper part of the bowl of the "a" is a tell-tale sign.


I had a more thorough look at the covers and I think the closest you'll get is Paratype's Bodoni. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/paratype/bodoni/ It has the right x-height and almost the same glyph set.

The suggested Linotype Didot doesn't quite match -- it lacks the upward "ear" in the italic g from the word Krieg -- and this is the one characteristic I find makes these covers so intriguing..... Though I agree that the lowercase "a" doesn't quite match with the Bodoni I'm suggesting.