2 old letterpress faces

any ideas as to what these two faces are?

much appriechiated


I don't have a match for you, and probably no one will have digital versions of these, but as for the second one, you might like Monotype's Engravers sets:

Engravers 1
Engravers 2

Second one reminds me of Giraldon but without the flourishes.

The second font is very close to a type called Artline, shown in Mac McGrew's book of 'American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century' (p.18). It is from the Keystone Foundry in 1912, before it was abosrbed into American Type Founders (ATF)

- Mike Yanega

There used to be a department store in Pittsburgh several years back called Hornes. I seem to recall them using something similar to the first font on a Christmas ad at some point (early 70s?).