Spotted any good organic food fonts?

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I'm looking for a font for a project to do with organic food, farming and conservation of the land etc. In my mind I want something earthy and friendly, a bit quirky but still legible. Anyone got any suggestions? Sans serif, serif or display all possibilities. Thanks!

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Can I suggest you some of our fonts?
Maybe Oxida or Cenizas


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Alejandro Paul's scripts are wonderful. You might also check out and their Sauna and Bello. Also 'earthy, friendly and quirky' describes Goudy Sans, so you might consider that also.

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Mac Rhino's Oxtail is fairly extensible and has a very soft, postmodern feel. (The price is also right.)

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My Refugio Rustic matches the requirements pretty well...

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Thanks Fisheye, I was about to mention Oxtail myself ;-)

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Some of Nick Shinn's fonts are quite naturally delectable.


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I'd go for Dave Farey's ITC Highlander (after Oz Cooper), but Bram de Does is still the best when it comes to organic food. =8-)

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Thanks Hrant, Fontesque has proved quite popular in food packaging and I've seen it used for organic food.

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For a more granola quality consider combining Dear Sarah with Olduvai both homegrown here at Typophile and both available at Veer.

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I would go out of my way to figure out how to use this ... (more MVB)

Could work.

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thanks for the leads - certainly opened my eyes to some fonts and sites I will be visiting again (i'm loving

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A little late into the discussion, but i'm searching for a font family for a similar purpose. Something to carry through the catalogs, packaging, signage, etc. These are al great choices in general, but any suggestions for a more modern feel and not so "granola?" (I love Sauna and am considering Rotis Semi-Sans so anything along those lines...)

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Beorcana can do duty at all sizes, for print, signage, etc. and has a clean yet organic feel.

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Why are you all looking at me like that?

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thanks so much! I like the suggestions.

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Don't use Rotis Semi-Sans, please! It's so fugly.

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not papyrus

(not that i need to clarify)

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How about Kantor? Or for a slightly less quirky approach, Relato? And for display, Monument.

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Hi I am working on an Organic Wine label. This has been an informative discussion.

I am looking for a font that is clean, understated and contemporary. I want a font that looks soooo good with out screaming look at me. A font that a designer might say "I want to know what that font is. A font the average consumer won't see anything unique with but they will sense quality. A font for an organic wine consumer who shaves her legs (target market).

Am I asking to much? I thought I'd toss it out there.

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I'd move your question to a new topic, Pattie, as this request is actually pretty different. Go ahead and start a new thread and I'll be happy to reply there.

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