Ici Petrol sign grotesque

Can someone tell me what this is (Petrol)?


'Antique Olive' may be an alternate


This font must exist...

Here it is again in italic; I've posted this before but to no avail.

Well, Thats not the same typeface, Nick :)
( Look at the 'R', for example )


> This font must exist…

I've taken a little time to scan through MyFonts.com but haven't come up with an exact match yet.

Yes, it may indeed be a font, but don't assume that it is a font for a PC or Mac. It may be an older proprietary font for a signmaking device like the Gerber SignMaker. You are showing us an outdoor sign to match, and an older looking one at that.

The sign industry has followed different standards for decades. Only in the last 10 years or so has some of the equipment frontends merged onto PCs. I'm sure you know this Nick, but I just wanted to remind some of the novice onlookers that NOT ALL FONTS were made for the same devices or equipment, and many adapted designs to suit the output device.

Even if a sign is brand new, it depends on the equipment used (or manual adaptation if cut or painted by hand).

Good spot, Dav. Here's another lookalike for you. Not quite the same but from a similar school. Any ideas...?
Norbert, lots of good points, thanks.

Horizontally stretching the Black weight of Radiant will get you in the ballpark. Or perhaps, back in the day, an extended weight existed.


Please note that I'm not advocating this practice. ;)

... but that won't stop me from trying it in the spirit of scientific inquiry:

Similar to Modula (bold, Solotype)

Interestingly, Marc, the R of Radiant more closely resembles the R of Petrol in the initial inquiry.

David, do you have a link to Modula by Solotype?

You can also check Bullet and Cape Arcona's Magic Hour.

No link sorry.

It does look very much like Modula Extrabold - artificially slanted- from the Solotype Catalog, David. I know of two digital versions of this. One is Modularity from Keystrokes and the other is Kasse Ultra FLF from the defunct Casady & Greene.

Does anyone have specimens of Karl Gerstner's grotesk typefaces?
I don't mean Gerstner Original from Berthold.
There were a few display weights he drew/supervised that I recall being similar.

There are a few samples of weights of 'Gerstner Program' in one of the VGC catalogs I have, but not enough characters to find matches. Just a thought.