(x) "All college day" two-storey g sans - Monotype.com (Andale Mono) {Chester}

Can anyone identify this typeface? This is the only sample I have.


Boy, there are *lots* of humanist sans out there these days. Two that came to mind, but are not the exact face you're after:

FF Kievit

Spiegel (from Lucas Fonts)

Yeah, bears some resemblance also to The Sans and Scala Sans but I can't put my finger on it either.

a, g, e and y are right out of Andale Mono. Others are either edited Andale Mono or borrowed from somewhere else.

Couldn't believe that g belongs to the other shapes. Went to check. Am I alone in thinking the g is too small?

Could this be the pre-Andale, non-monospaced font called "Monotype.com"?

chester, do you know any web location with download option for that 'Monotype.com' font?

Monotype.com is what early versions of Andale Mono licensed to Microsoft used to be called. There is no difference between the two.

The latest version of Monotype.com that I have is 1.20, last modified in April 1998. The latest version of Andale Mono that I have is 2.00, last modified in November 1998. Both are OpenType fonts containing 659 glyphs over five Unicode ranges and 21 code pages.

Knap, I had done a perfunctory Google search for the font, which was not successful... Spire, I thought that Monotype.com was a proportional design, unlike Andale's tabular/monospace nature. I could well be wrong. Perhaps someone from Monotype is lurking and can put us out of our (collective) misery.

I'm looking at my copy of Monotype.com right now, and I can tell you that it is identical to Andale Mono.

Then c, o, and d are picked from other font.

Or, the non-matching glyphs were edited.

Could be, Crossgrove. In which case, I would think that the c, o, and d were actually pretty workable in the original. Oh well...

Thank you all very much for your help.

As background on the Monotype.com back to Andale switch, the Web fonts were beginning to be merged into Windows, and the program manager thought that using the Monotype.com name wasn't appropriate, there were also concerns about referencing a font name with a '.' in computer code. We did have the period and slash changed at some point, not sure if this was before, after, or coincidental with the name change.


edit - should have been "space and slash" not "period and slash"

It was before the name change. The period and slash in Monotype.com 1.20 are both identical to the ones in the current version of Andale Mono.

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