New font in progress and I need some input

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I'm a student studying graphic design at algonquin college. I am currently trying to develop my first font, and was hoping to get some comments on what I have so far. I wanted to make a modern looking serif, so i modeled the curves after Eurostile, condensed it, and added some serifs. I also distressed it a little bit, to make it look like it is from the pages of an old book. I want to make sure that my font doesn't look too much like eurostile.

Any comments would be much appreciated.

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try saving it in RGB and repost the image, please. A pdf would also be helpful in critiquing your font.

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Is your .jpg saved in rgb color mode? It's not showing up in my browser...

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It doesn't look like Eurostile, and it's not without its grungy charm, but the name is AWFUL!

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'I want to make sure that my font doesn’t look too much like eurostile'

I would suggest to 'distress' the bowl of the lowercase 'a' even more, cause it screams eurostile.

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• lacks subtlety & detail

• for grunge to be convincing it has to look detailed and natural. As it is your grunge finish looks contrived and phoney

I also distressed it a little bit, to make it look like it is from the pages of an old book.

• a "modern-looking serif" that "look[s] like its from the pages of an old book"? (scratching head) That makes it contradictory and hard to justify as in terms of style and appeal. A lot of designers won't see the sense in the combination.

• you really need to define the purpose of the design. What kind of subject matter or context would it be used for?

• ask yourself, "Does the world really need a grunged-up Eurostile with ad-hoc serifs?"

• serif positions and the lack of authentic humanist/antiqua features won't please most roman type buyers (when in Roma, do as the Romans do)

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j a m e s

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