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Intellifont was a scalable font technology developed by Tom Hawkins at Compugraphic in Wilmington, Massachusetts USA during the late 1980s. Intellifont fonts were hinted on a Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) VAX mainframe computer.

Using DEC terminal computers, Design Engineers would enter command line instructions to launched programmes including the Intellifont hinting programme. This programme displayed Ikarus outlines on a Vector Automation screen. With a stylus pen the Design Engineer placed hints via graphical links on the Ikarus outlines. These links are similar to the ones now seen in Microsoft’s Visual TrueType and other hinting programmes. Intellifont production included a model based autohinter (1990) which allowed faster hinting by transferring hints from a library of previously hinted characters of common design styles.

Intellifont technology was shipped with the Hewlett-Packard Laserjet III and IV and was one of the rasterizers in Agfa’s UFST.