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Intellifont was a scalable font technology developed by [[Tom Hawkins]] at [[Compugraphic]] in Wilmington, Massachusetts USA during the late 1980s. Intellifont fonts were hinted on a Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) VAX mainframe computer.

Using DEC terminal computers, Design Engineers would enter command line instructions to launched programmes including the Intellifont hinting programme. This programme displayed [[Ikarus]] [[outlines]] on a Vector Automation screen. With a [[stylus]] pen the Design Engineer placed [[hint|hints]] via graphical links on the Ikarus outlines. These links are similar to the ones now seen in Microsoft's [[Visual TrueType]] and other hinting programmes. Intellifont production included a model based autohinter (1990) which allowed faster hinting by transferring hints from a library of previously hinted characters of common design styles.

Intellifont technology was shipped with the Hewlett-Packard Laserjet III and IV and was one of the rasterizers in Agfa's UFST.