rough paint brush style capitals

Hi @ all,

this is my first post, can someone please identify this font ?

I think is a Brush Handwriting Font maybe from ITC just like ITC Airstream.

cheers and thanks


I looked through the 22 pages of Part 14 (the Strange, Distressed scripts) of the Script Font ID Guide. I did not find an exact match for this dry brush lettering, but I found a couple of very similar fonts. See Young Itch, from Astigmatic One Eye; and Teebrush Paint (and Alt) from Linotype.

I believe your sample is unquestionably a font, but it may be a custom one, since it falls under the hand-printed font category of fonts that can be made easily and cheaply from lettering samples.

- Mike Yanega

I couldn't find it either. I thought I'd mention another similar candidate - Rick Mueller's Paint Peel Initials, which is his digitization of the old typeface Yahoo.

Thanks Young Itch is close to and Paint Peel also.

I search a little longer