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PLEASE READ: Typophile Forum Posting Guidelines

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PLEASE READ: Typophile Forum Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Typophile message boards!
We're happy to have you and hope you feel comfortable enough to join our discussions. To keep things running smoothly, please read and follow these guidelines:

Post threads in the appropriate forum:
If you're trying to identify a font from a sample, post requests in the Type ID Board.

Looking for type advice for a specific project, or searching for a certain style of typeface? Ask in the "Design" forum. Do you have a typeface, logo or layout that you want some feedback on? Post your work to the "Critique" forum. Having technical difficulties with fonts or software? Ask your question in our "Build" forum. Are you wondering about legal or marketing aspects of fonts? Post your questions to the "Release" forum. Trying to find the name of a font you've seen? Ask our gurus in the "Type ID Board". Do you have an announcement you think everyone should know about? You can either contact one of our moderators (more information below), or you can post it yourself (be sure to check "Published" and uncheck "In Moderation" before submitting, you must then alert one of the moderators to your new posting: see Help below). Most other topics will belong here, in the "General Discussion" area. There is no need to duplicate threads in separate forums, one thread to your question in the appropriate forum should suffice.

Search before you post:
Many topics have been discussed at length previously on Typophile. If you're researching a particular topic, utilize the search function to look for threads with relevant information. If there are no threads that address the topic or angle you're looking for, post a new thread or feel free to add to one of the existing threads. There is no need to post your inquiry to more that one discussion board, multiple threads will be deleted. For answers to other frequently asked questions see the FAQs section of the wiki. And on the other side of this coin:

Don't hijack other threads:
Don't post irrelevant queries within another thread; create a new thread. You can post a new topic by scrolling to the bottom of one of the main forum pages and clicking on the "Post a new topic" link.

Image technical requirements:
The best way to post an image is to use the "Insert Image" function below the "Comments" box. To utilize this function, you must have the Flash 8 player installed. If you have an image to accompany your post, please ensure that it conforms to the following guidelines: do not exceed 600 px wide, save images as an RGB jpg/gif/png (tips: gifs are usually crisper for black and white type renderings and not all browsers support png). Also, make sure that your image has a unique name, otherwise typophile may call another image instead of the one you inteded to be displayed.

Contact Moderators for Assistance:
If you need help using Typophile features, have a news announcement, or find someone is abusing the forums, please contact one of our moderators: http://typophile.com/moderators

Typophile moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any posts or links that they deem inappropriate.

About Free Fonts:
If you're looking for free fonts, please see our article called FAQ: where to find "cool" free fonts. Do not ask members to send you copies of retail fonts. Such behavior is not looked upon kindly by those of us who make a living designing type or those of us who support the work of talented type designers. By the same token, please do not post links to sites which offer unauthorized downloads of commercial fonts. If you do wish to report a site with this activity, please contact a moderator.

Be Courteous:
Last, but not least, please conduct yourself with restraint and treat others who use these discussion boards with respect. Be prepared for some lively banter and keep a thick skin. However, please refrain from any personal attacks of other typophile members on these boards. Also, do not abuse contact methods made available to interact with other users to make such attacks. Once again, if you notice any inappropriate behavior in this regard, please contact a moderator.

Thank you for reading and abiding by these suggestions. Thank you, also, for participating in our Typophile community. If you would like to show your support for this site, please visit the Membership area of this site. Enjoy!

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