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I thought this was House Gothic, but that's not right. Any ideas?




sorry, it's Bailey (i guess i misspelled it), by Lettergraphics.


Stark is also similar, but a little more square.

huh, link? Not sure what you are referring to.

Bailey, ah thanks. Where can this be purchased?

Bailey is pre-digital. No font that I know of.

i was just searching for Bailey and i couldn't find it. there's a font called ITC Bailey that keeps coming up but it's totally different.

i saw Bailey (by Lettergraphics) in the Feb 06 issue of HOW in an article called Foxy Fonts by Allan Haley (page 80). the article is about typefaces designed during the 60s and 70s.
when i saw this sample i assumed that whoever designed the font-in-question based it on Bailey.

Stark seems like a decent match, but there's got to be a digital version of Bailey out there somewhere because i know i've seen it…


Check out House Gothic from House Industries.

WHOOPS! My bad, I didn't read the initial post closely enough.

…so it comes full circle!
; )