(x) Oxford English Dictionary - Palatino (pre-digital) {Stéphane, Yves}

what type is used on the cover?


Thank you


Looks like a very weird version of Hermann Zapf's Palatino (lower-case x, for instance, is really an oddity).

That's the original, pre-digital, non-wuss Palatino by Hermann Zapf.

> Yves
What do you mean, "non-wuss" ?

He means "non-used-by-everyone-because-it-comes-free-with-their-iMac"

pica pusher: Excellent dog ligature. Did you make that?
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Really, for what it's worth, good job if you did make it.

Theodore Rosendorf

I actually meant "not-sanitised-for-indifferent-computer-users". :^P But that means almost the same thing.

Somehow the original design of Palatino didn't survive the transition to digital, and lots of people lament that -- including me (though I wouldn't use it in a million years as I don't particularly like Zapf faces).