Band of Gypsies font?


i'm trying to identify the font used on the cover of Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsies album or the very similar font used on the Live at the Fillmore East release. I've attached two examples and any help is greatly appreciated.

many thanks.



custom lettering (?)

i was thinking that too, but i swear in my adventures i once came across such a font.

thanks though.

It's Lady Carole, a film font designed by Richard Nebiolo for the library of Photo-Lettering, Inc.
I've never seen a digital reproduction of this typeface.

thanks for your help (and knowledge), since Photo-Lettering Inc. is no more, i'm hoping some one else took the time to make a digital version. possibly for the 1999 release of jimi hendrix's live at fillmore east. i've sent an email to the design company that did the work, but have yet to hear back.

many thanks.