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i *heart* cheltenham!

well, since Bookman's already been done (twice this month). I may just have to devote my efforts to Cheltenham swash. or maybe I can find some lost version of Clearface swash...


I've always preferred Ludlow's Cheltenham swash characters, which is unusual. I tend to like ATF's versions of things in most cases.

do you have any samples of the Ludlow swash characters, Mark? I'd love to see 'em!

Sure thing:

As far as I know, Ludlow only did these cursive caps, no lowercase variants.

Much better, Paul.

Do you mean you prefer the ATF caps?

i think stewf's referring back to my blog on Bookman. you think this one's a bit more worthy or revival, s?

I wonder if the ATF swash caps were designed by Goodhue? I suspect so...

interesting. your ludlow swashes look like they've been designed to be non-kerning, similar to some bb&s swash caps that i put in the OT version of LTC Caslon.

Ludlow had slanted matrices for italics, so could be.

Paul - Yes, I think Bookman is both oversaturated and dated. Cheltenham swashes are certainly antique, but I think the face would be more useful and relevant.