(x) Jess and Construction fonts - Futura, similar to Benguiat Frisky {Yves, Mike Y}

I have search all of my fonts and cannot figure out what these fonts are. Please help.


A very bold weight of Futura and Jefferson.

Nah, not Jefferson. :^/

but it was close...any other guesses?

I'm still in search of the other font. Anyone out there want to give it a try?

Looks a lot like Benguiat Frisky that has been slanted (also has the U with stem). The problem is that there were hundreds of variations of almost identical brush sign lettering scripts that were film types. Some of them have been digitized. They all have very similar S, C, and R shapes, suggesting the same artist, or at least an effort to use a consistent style. The variations are in stroke thickness, slant, and a few minor details, like the U stem. You can see suggestions of this variety in the Solotype Catalog. I have a German script book that shows dozens of them. The A, B & C names are printed styles, the H, I and J, K and L names are somewhat more script-like (at least in the lower case letters). It shows Jefferson with alternate characters that look very close to the posted sample. Another called Jupiter looks like a vertical version of this sample too. They are all so close.

- Mike Yanega