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(x) Berlin Fashion Week 2006 - Regular {Dav}

can anybody tell me which font was used for the berlin fashion week 2006? www.berlin-fashionweek.com

i already asked the design agency. they say that it's the font "regular" in bold.

"regular" is not the typestyle...it's the name!?!?

but i cannot find anything about this font.

can anybody tell me something about this font or does anybody know the real name or a similar font?



Well, It IS 'Regular', by Nik Thoenen :)


Hmm, not very well designed I must say. Lack of optical correction and forced geometry make for some really awkward character details.

Agree - plus the kerning is awful. Considering how many fonts look exactly like this I wouldn't choose this one.

Exactly. How generic can you get?