font ID - 25/50 cents (insert coin)

I need to make up a variation card that looks like this. Any idea off the top of your heads what the font is?

Some stuff I perused this morning that seems kind of close, but not:

Bernard MT Condensed
Futura Condensed Medium
Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std
-Poplar Std
-Kozuka Gothic Std (H)

[-] are the most similar so far. The Univers I've got on the system isn't that large of a collection, so maybe there is a variant.


Compacta is not far off. The cent sign is the most different, but I can't think of a font with one quite like that.

"PUSH TO REJECT" is most likely Helvetica, but it could also be Univers or some other grotesk.

- Lex

"50¢" reminds me of Futura Display but it's not exact.

- Lex