la la la la luxury!

well it's been "an elaborate hoax" for years, but it seems Luxury by Orange Italic is soon to be offered for sale from House. I came upon this tidbit of information when i was flipping through the Artist Proof limited edition catalog that i serendipitously received in my mailbox today. I'm interested in seeing how literally they keep with the story: will the set cost $1500? will the cd-rom be signed and numbered by the Vocabularistic Giant and the Unauthorized Biographer? will it be packaged in a hand-painted, velvet-lined box? i guess for the rest of the details i'll just have to wait and see...


and it's available now!!! at a significant discount from the original price. OOOoooohhh!!!! and with additional styles. Nifty!

Itoldyouso! Plus it’s been online for some time now. I thought it was old news.

“Gold Luxury letters and fine photography by Carlos Alejandro make a bold statement that no expense has been spared to bring this exclusive collection to our customers.”

You didn't told me so. didn't you see this first post was in January? Although this set has been in the "Coming Soon" section on their website, i'm sure these weren't available previous to today as the announcement hasn't even come out yet, except for on their web page with a blog entry being posted 5 hours ago. :^p

Itoldyouso was about the price. Somebody (you?) was a bit reluctant to believe that it would cost less than $300. It was buyable in the fonts section last week. Okay, I didn’t buy it yet but you know what I mean. Or perhaps I’m going crazy.