(x) very distinctive geometric sans "Magic List" - Novel Gothic (several alternatives) {Mike Y, Mike F}

I have been using an online image creation site for several years, mainly due to their excellent selection of fonts. Well, last month they closed up shop and have left me hanging. I have been using this one font for my company logos and such and need to find it ASAP! They called it Manhattan, but all searches for that name show a totally different font. See and example image at http://www.cfmagic.com/font/list_new.gif and more are available if needed. This very distinctive font uses lots of triangles, like for the dot on the i and the lower slash on the f. Anyway, any help would be great! Thanks in advance!


The font is called Novel Gothic. I have it in an old collection of PhotoLettering fonts that was published in an Expresiv Fonts collection in 1994 by Tiger Direct, Inc. I suspect it is being circulated on the web under a variety of names. You can see it in the Dover Solotype Catalog on page 164.

Precision Type used to carry this font in the Font Company collection. Font Factory (www.fontfactory,com) now seems to have this collection and asks you to write to them if you are interested.

- Mike Yanega

Seeing as how the Font Factory most certainly does not own the rights to this old typeface, I'll point you to the other versions of Novel Gothic (specifically, Bold) that I'm aware of.

There's WSI's Trimble, Fontbank's Nonce Bold, Brendel's Napoli Extrabold and Brendel's Nimrod.

WSI's font is likely a ripoff of one of the others. As such, I'll not post a link to it. In any case, only Nimrod is a match for your (as in the original) 'i' and 'g'.

Thanks Mike, dead on right with this font! Saved my life! Have a great day!