(x) Tanning salon franchise marketing font - Sublime {Mike F}

My friend just purchased a franchise that uses this unknown font for their marketing. Thomas Phinney over at the Adobe Typography forums didn't recognize it, but said that this forum would definitely know! I also tried What the Font, but it was stumped. The closest it could determine was News Gothic, which isn't even close.

I'm a looooooong-time lurker here, but finally got an account! Thanks to everyone who posts such great material here for all of us to learn from. Now I may be emboldened to actually post material!

I also attached a PDF version.



Upper case has some resemblances to Quest from Red Rooster, but the C is more open and the A and K are different, among other things. (Might be similar enough for your purposes?) Seems like it should be in the Bauhaus-style Font ID Guide, but it isn't.

Treacyfaces Raincheck has some similarities too, but lots of differences. (see www.treacyfaces.com)

A search of 'Deco' fonts at MyFonts didn't turn it up either, so I suspect a freeware font. Mike F, any ideas?

- Mike Yanega

Courtney - I can tell you that it's called 'Sublime' (not the Coniglio font by that name). Unfortunately, it has no copyright in the font itself and an online search had too many false leads for me to follow.

Thanks for all the help! You're right, Mike, it is a pain to locate it. But I finally managed to find it by googling [name edited by moderator] which provided immediate results. It was available for download at [link edited by moderator].

I never would have found it without the name though!

Thanks again,

You're welcome Courtney. Nice find. Nevertheless ...

Yves - you might want to edit out Courtney's link. See my MyFonts post about this website.

Thanks for the heads-up, Mike.