Monogram for class

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hey all,

i've designed three quick logos based on my initials. i'd appreciate it if i could get some feedback on how i could improve either all of them or any specific one. thanks!


clearbolt's picture is where the image is. i'm having trouble getting the image tag to work. weird.

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I like the rotationally symmetrical one best, but of course I'm into that. From what I can see, it's not exactly symmetrical; the bit in the middle of the Y is thinner and more horizontal than the corresponding part of the R. I would make it match by duplicating the R.

(I don't think this forum accepts remote image tags; inline images are made by uploading.)

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You should definately go for number two!

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Russ, for the number two you can take a look if you haven't at this awesome thread:

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Definitely go with the inversion.

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