Why do you want to study type design?

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I will shortly apply to Type Media in Den Haag and I am struggeling with the short text of introduction I would like to include with my portfolio. I post it below. Can you tell me what you think about it? Is it clear or is it giberish? Thanks

Where does my interest for type come from?
I trained as a painter and as a an image maker I came to graphic design with the intention of creating images. I quickly realised I was going to deal more with type than with image making. This pushed me to read technical books about type setting and typographic rules. The magnifying effect of looking at type lead me to grow an interest in letter shapes.

Why do I want to study type design?
There are a few reasons for me to consider type design. The first is that type design is the closest a designer is to a craftsman in the way that your are not only providing a service but also a product or a tool. The second is an intellectual appetite for things that lie at the cross road of art, history and science. I also have a strong believe that design will eventually resides in the hands of the customers. The designer’s job will not be that of a traditional graphic designer but that of an engineer instead. It will be the role of the designer to empower the “customer-as-designer”. This will happen not by designing end-products but interfaces that will allow the customer to take charge of the design itself. This demands a strong understanding of interface design and technology.

What do I expect from Type Media?
I wish to follow a short and intensive course in type design. I would like to learn the construction of letter forms with traditional and modern tools. I would also like to approach design from a tool making perspective. The skills I would acquire at TypeMedia should also be transferable to day to day graphic design such as choosing a type face for a particular job, using it effectively, creating of logotype, scripting for batch processing, etc.

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Hi, Sebastien. Your ideas sound clear, and you've kept things brief. If you are presenting this text in English, you might want to go over some of the verb conjugations.

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Thanks for sharing. Good luck.

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