(x) Imperial Leather home page script - Script Bold {Chesh, Mike Y}

I'm beaten. And it looks like the (outstanding!) script font id list isn't going to come through for me either, so this must be harder than it looks...

Let's set good taste aside for a moment, and ask what's the headline font - the flowing script with the (cough) crystal treatment used for the headlines on http://www.releasethelather.co.uk/

(the site, by the way, is TOTALLY safe for work, despite the possibly questionable url!)

The unusual cap 'a', the nonstandard dot over the 'i'... surely they'll give the game away to the connaisseur!

Many thanks in advance.


That's Monotype Script Bold (notice the lower price than the Mecanorma version of the same font), however I notice that the sample on the site home page uses an 'r' that is not in either version. The L is also customized.

By the way, that font does show up on Page 3 of Part 7 of the Script Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

Mike, Dave

Chapeau, gents.
Thank you so much for your help.

And - of course - I should have *known* I'd overlooked it in the SFIDG :-)

Thanks, again - and for the incredible speed!