(x) Surface Mag insert serif face - Plantin Schoolbook {Ken B}

Hello people...Anyone know this exquisite serif?


That's the new Schoolbook cut of Monotype's Bembo.


No? I only noticed it a couple of moths ago. But then again I don't watch the releases of the majors too closely. I'm more interested in new goodness from indie land.

Naw, the Bald man is never that far off. You must've been thinking of Monotype's latest Bembo release of just a few months ago.

Argh! Confusion strikes again. Of course! :^P

Isn't this Plantin Schoolbook. It's the old Monophoto Plantin with school characters which was issued I think back in the 1980s.

yeah...Ken is correct...check it out.

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Yep. Good catch. Bembo Schoolbook is similar but Plantin Schoolbook is right.

Incidentally, Wallpaper used Plantin Schoolbook to good effect a few years back. I wonder if that's where Surface got the idea.

yeah...i wouldn't doubt it, those mags feed off each other.

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