(x) Vaja Crystal oriental looking brush script - Thu Phap 1BK {Dav}

see attached image :)

thanks in advance!



'Thu Phap 1BK', by HungLan Design


Aw, what a shame! Some great brush lettering styles, but unfortunately a fair number of pirated fonts as well... :^(

Technically speaking I should erase the link to this website. Dang!

BTW If you like this style of expressive brush-style lettering, make sure to check Nick Cooke's Gizmo.

Dav, how did you ever find that font? (Thanks Yves for being reluctant just long enough. At least some of those look new to me. Even the familiar ones may be custom Vietnamese versions of those fonts.)

- Mike Yanega

Thanks for asking, Mike :)
I actually saw this site / these types a while ago and I cant even remember where or how I found them, back then

( But, Yves, Please feel free to remove the link ~ Aaarrr, Pirates )


thank you very much ^_^