(x) "San Fermin 1975 - Pamplona" poster - Zipper, Neil Bold {Patricia, Alexey, Mike Y}

I know I've seen these two fonts around before and am looking to use them in an upcoming project. I'm interested in knowing the "San Fermin" font at the top of the poster and the "Pamplona" font at the bottom.



Zipper™ from Linotype

PAMPLONA is old film type Neil Bold. I know we've had this topic before, and maybe that's where we identified a digital source, if there is one.

- Mike Yanega

In this thread we discussed sources. OptiFonts had the closest digitization.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks all! I found a free font very close to Neil Bold, close enough anyway. Now trying to find a free version of Zipper. I work non-profit, so if I can get it free, that's preferred.

You're not likely to get help finding a free ripoff of a licensed font on this site.

I'm not looking for that...