(x) geometric slab serif & tech sans in magazine - similar to Memphis/Stymie, Tribeca {Patricia, Frank S}

i saw this article online and would love to know the name of the typeface used for both the copy and header. anyone recognize it?



Header looks an awful lot like Stymie but the ascender is shorter...

Body copy is one of those Din lookalikes that I can never keep straight - someone else will have to ID that one.

Stymie doesn’t match (have a look at the a). Think it’s Memphis.

I looked at Memphis but the w has serifs on the middle peak - at least my version does.

Memphis Light from URW doesn’t have the serif

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I agree with PattyFab that the body copy is probably a DIN revival. In fact, it most likely is FF DIN Light.

Check out FontShop for a sample. http://www.fontshop.com/?fuseaction=catalog.fontdetail&searchby=manufact...

I don't think the other one is Stymie since the ascenders are too short.

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The slab face might be URW Egyptienne.

The Din like font might be Tribeca

Hey, thank you everybody. I think you're right about it being Tribeca. Anyone know how i can get ahold of this font?