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I'm doing a logo for myself. I like the idea of the A and S combining to form one solid logo.

I basically do cartooning and illustrations, along with basic graphic design. I feel like there's something missing. I created this logo with custom strokes. Please any suggestions with fonts or anything. Thanks.


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The "A" is harder to see.

It's pretty. Just know that -to me at least- it seems most like a slaughtered star. Making it not red would move it away from that.


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Hi Greg,

I clearly see the "A", but narrowing the upper "S" curve - so that it no longer crosses the "A" - could make the "A" even easier to recognize. (I don't know if that's a good idea.)

I guess you made the upper "S" curve flat on top to get a straight "A" cross bar. A slightly more curved upper "S" I might like more, though.

hhp isn't so wrong when he's reminded of blood smeared on a wall.

I'm not sure whether I like the grey shadow. The logo looks handwritten and the 3D shadow maybe doesn't fit in this idea. It makes the stroke ends quite frayed, too.


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i only see a bleeding K..
i must be blind

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Hi Greg.

You have a fine idea working. However, this logo looks like it was done in illustrator version 8+ with one of the standard brush effects. I'd suggest doing it with an actual brush. Do 100 different versions. Not happy? Do a hundred more. Bing Bing Bing. Rip them out. Then pick the best one. Try different papers/surfaces. You might be so happy with the personality of the new mark, that it can live without a drop shadow.

As a general rule: computer effects meant to simulate the real thing are seldom as nice as the thing itself. If you want a photocopied look, use a photocopier. If you want a brushed look, use a brush. Don't let the computer limit you. Go for it!


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reminds me of the lockheed logo a bit :-)


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