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I am desperately in need of help on resolving the kerning with this composition. I have been at it for weeks now, and been through about 60 faces. If you are interested it would be greatly appreciated. A brief synopsis of the project follows:

Going to be used as my personal identity, long story short, i bought the domain recently, for it was strangely available. Current typeface is Perpetua, as it seems to lend itself best to letter-spacing of the faces that I have tried thus far. Also it contrasts nicely with the ampersand. The problems are obvious, and I have tried many things to fix them. The top example is an unaltered example of the font, without any alterations to the characters themselves. The bottom example has been altered so that all letters have the same width, minus the "E" and "N", for they are either too small or too large to be altered without destroying them.

I can only hope that some of you will be interested in sharing your advice, and I will also post a link to a file that has been outlined, which you may alter and then repost if you like, this would be awesome.

link for downloadable file- http://stu.aii.edu/~mdg272/help.ai

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I think you have selected some elegant typefaces and I like that you were able to register the domain name.

The primary issue that strikes me is one of balance. The longer word "TRACK" on the left shifts all of the weight left. So, I would suggest playing with scale and positioning of the words to prevent one side from appearing heavier than the other.

The second issue is also one of balance, in a way. The ampersand is a very nice ampersand, however it is somewhat heavy and overbearing, especially considering that the words "TRACK" and "KERN" carry more meaning. I would suggest adjusting the opacity of your ampersand to enable the other words to increase in heiarchy.

Attached is a JPG of one way you might aproach it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. My original goal was to achieve a solution that would take advantage of the beauty in proper letter-spacing. This might seem really classical, but to me, it you be a very elegant treatment. The size difference in the original post was done so to create drama between the characters. The balance of each side, respectively, was a problem that was noticed initially. Personally, I never really thought that it was a problem, and opted to accept the asymmetrical balance that it created. However, i do certainly agree that the weight is most certainly shifter entirely to the left.

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I think you might drive yourself crazy trying to create a perfect balance -- left and right -- from what you have shown. The ampersand seems too large and overpowering, but the general idea is very traditional and nice. Did you try the old trick of turning the composition upside down?

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many times, i have been working on this for about four weeks now. I was not so concerned with the thought of balance, as I knew this would likely be impossible right off the bat, so I just focused on creating a composition with good optical spacing between the letters. Now that someone has mentioned it though, I have begun to notice just how off kilter it is. Not that this is really a bad thing, but perhaps it could stand an addition of sorts underneath the word kern, something of a tagline, or the word "studio" or something. God only knows how much I would hate doing that though.

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perhaps i will try and make the ampersand smaller though. Again, the size difference was all done to try and create more of the "drama" lol, not to be silly or anything.

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* reduced size of "K E R N" very slightly
* reduced weight of "T R A C K" by colorizing instead of changing the size. Color has weight. Black is the heaviest "color", green and cyan-blue are about medium weight, and yellow is the lightest. The huge trend for a long time now has been to be a gray whore. Gray is nice but I think a lot of designers get carried away and make gray elements too light. Red seems the right weight to balance "T R A C K".

* grayed the ampersand and colorized it subtly with hue 28 to make it warm

* grayed and colorized "K E R N" to suit.

All these warm colors give the logo a shade more humanism. Not sure if that's in line with what you're aiming for.

j a m e s

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I had a look at reducing the weight of the ampersand (hack job, I'm afraid) and tightening the kerning.


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I think I have ditched the first design, and changed to this one. Any suggestions on how to avoid the nasty space i keep having issues with between the "R", "A", and "C" in "TRACK"?

The top design is one that I have tracked myself, and is a little tighter. The bottom one is how the computer interprets it as set to "optical spacing". I would like to come somewhere in between these two examples, spaced out rather than in.

downloadable file here Link

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Top is better. Less spacing. Too much and the words fall apart. ERN is a hair too tight. RA hair too loose. AC hair too. Much better.

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