Take the Lead logo?

Hey I am looking for this font used to create the logo on this site.

And the key combo for a guy doing a hand-plant on the K.

Thanks for your help!


I am coming around to the opinion that this is a customized slab serif. I have looked at all the slabs I could find, and nothing is particularly close, with the angled slab serifs on the T, L and E. However, as a long time outline-tweaker, I can imagine that a font like Nick Curtis' Spaghetti Western could quickly be made to look like this just by moving the serif corners inward. I picked this font because it had no top serif on the A, and the K and E were the right kinds. (It's not that I'm promoting Nick today ;-))

- Mike Yanega

Yeah, I looked at every slab before I posted and couldn't find anything. Spaghetti W is close.

Thanks Mike