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Sorry no PDF yet, the outlines look horrible at the moment :)

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very nice! i love the rough outlines. maybe you can keep a "dirty" version just for me? >^P All cleaned up this will be very beautiful. keep up the good work!

p.s. there's quite a bit of menhart in there, isn't there?

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Thanks Paul. Yes, there's quite a bit of some old Menhart typeface which name I don't even know, It was the starting point. But I'm trying to move as far from it as possible.

I'm going to keep some roughness in the outlines, or at least "warmth", but for now they are best described as "jagged".

BTW do you have any hints how to most easily make different kinds of roughness? Or is the only way to painstakingly go trough every character and adjust everything by hand?

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do you have any hints how to most easily make different kinds of roughness?

i think it really depends on the kind of effect you're aiming for. sometimes when i want to roughen things up, i take my outlines into illustrator and play around with the "roughen" and then "smooth" and keep looping until i get the kind of effect i want. but then you have to clean things up again in FontLab, so this might only be marginally faster than adjusting everything by hand. >^P Or, if you're a python scripting whiz, i'm sure you could write a script that'd do it all for you.

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Hi Jan

The typeface you have used is called Parlament.

Parlament is a very interesting typeface, including the S and s which you have replaced. Why not simply digitize it as faithfully as you can, and call it a revival? Rather than starting with Parlament and then moving "as far from it as possible", either acknowledge the design's strengths, finish the design as a revival, or don't start with an existing typeface at all. Digitizing an existing typeface that has not been available for years (and I think Parlament was made exclusively for the Czech government) is a good thing, made all the better when you acknowledge your source material and do what you can to make the results useful. Is there an Italic? Even if you are a skilled calligrapher, it would be nearly impossible to devise an italic to match all the quirks and character of the Roman. Menhart's work is always very personal, unique and calligraphic.

Maybe you could do a display version based closely on the original, and a text version with the roughness and lowered contrast of this one. The text version could have a more conventional s shape, looser spacing, better proportions (g, a, R) and lining numerals.

At the very least, I suggest returning to the original s shapes and trying to edit them to be more conventional and less extreme. Your replacement s and S do not match the calligraphic style of the rest of the font, and the lowercase s is very wide. If your original specimen shows the cap S, then use that as a guide for both uppercase and lowercase. Your sample also omits the slope of the original.

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Thanks, crossgrove. Many good points... but I have point out more strongly that this is no "serious" project, it will propably be forgotten in my desk drawer. So issues about the original design isn't that important at this moment. I just want to see where this goes to and credit Parlament (oh, that's the name) at least as "inspiration".

I would also really like to see someone do a good revival of Parlament. I myself can't do it; I'm not skilled enough and I don't even have a decent sample, I interpreted these characters from a small jpeg.

For text, I found the 'a' and 's' to be the greatest weaknesses. I can see the problem with the 's', but don't want to back to the original shape that I found problematic in text. The s clearly needs a decent redraw so I'll work on it.

At the moment I'm adding some quirkiness to many of the letters. I'm curious to see where that leads.

I'm also interested in creating an italic, I have already tried to create some characters but they seem a bit problematic, but there are some promise.

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