Events flyer in a muddle

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OK I need some help.

Originally I proposed that we do this events diary for my car club - it was going to be A4 in sized and looked quite cute when I mocked it up first time around. The problem is we made a decision to make it A3 - and now it doesn't quite work! Line lengths are too long - I've had to do some tracking to fit in a logo (still one missing to be added) - plus we have even more events to put on it meaning that it's all crammed up.

Here's the current state of things: (n.b it's A3 and meant to be cross folded)

It's going to be cross folded - on the other side are 4 photos (one in each quarter) with a calendar running across the bottom of each one and the relevant dates shaded in.

It's my first proper piece of print work (getting 3,000 printed) - and am a bit worried about delivering the goods. Note this is voluntary work so am not getting paid or anything.

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how is this going to be printed? offset? digital? also, how do you plan on distributing the piece?


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Oh dear - this is where I expose my lack of knowledge.

Digital litho I think?

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sorry for the barrage of questions, but all of this plays a role in how your piece will function and should thereby dictate how you lay the info on the page. i assume you can work with full color (because it's printed digital). i was just curious because i noticed that you had a full color logo but are only using one color for everything else. it could be more interesting to introduce another color.

also, is this only one sided?

next would be how you need to distribute the piece. does it need to be in the format that it's in now? if you are going to mail it out, there are limitations about what size envelope you will use, or if the addresses goes directly on the piece there are guidlines that the postal service sets so it can go through the mail properly. if none of these things are an issue, you might want to change the format.


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Thanks for the comments.

It's two sided - on the other side will look something like this:

So yes it will be full colour. The idea is you stick this other side on the wall and use it as a calendar.

It's a flyer that will be distributed by hand - at shows it will be handed out. So no mailing issues.

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got it. i was just studying the pdf and forgot that you had mentioned the fact that it was two-sided in your original post.

i think there are some hierarchy issues that you should re-work:

1. perhaps adding a second color, like a light gray ( or a light color that works with your blue), to the table would help you increase some contrast.

2. perhaps you should choose a typeface that is more suitable for smaller text sizes (which is easier said than done). there are several to choose from and and this issue is always up for debate, but i will go ahead and suggest Charter.

3. the type is too tight. at 8pt, this is very diffcult to read at the default 9.5 pt line spacing. perhaps you could air it out to a 10 or 11 pt line spacing. which leads to the next suggestion.

4. break the layout into two columns and leave some room on the top for the club logo.
sketch 1
if you want to keep the "front", you can fold it into quadrants, which would give you the lower left quadrant which would allow more space.
sketch 2

5. you can introduce an italic weight for the place names of your events:

International Triumph Show and Spares DayStoneleigh

6. also, the intro paragraph seems out of place. perhaps it would look better if you increased it by 1 or 2 pts (and the linespcaing, respectively), and line it up with the rest of the (indented) text.

7. overall, you just need more contrast to increase the hierarchy and more room for the type to breathe.

hope this helps,


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Thanks for the comments again.

A second colour - yes that is really needed.

I like the italics idea on the place names.

I wanted to avoid using the back page.

I still think the problem is the layout on the A4 page - it worked well when it was only A5 and only a few events. Need to work harder on that. I think I need to split it in to columns. I think I need to forget about what I've done so far and start a fresh (on the events listing)

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good luck with the rest of the project. i'm sure it'll turn out great!


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