OKaidi corporate font

The usual question: what is this font? I need to do an adaptation of OKaidi ad and client is unable to tell me the font name. Thanks in advance:)


For some reason I can't post an atachment, but the font I am looking for can be seen @ www.okaidi.com

It could be just a logo - handdrawn - have you seen any other characters than www.okaidi.com?

Yes, I've seen other words too in their promotional materials, so I presumed it should be a font. Well, probably it was custom made for them or something.

Since none of the real wizards on this site have jumped in with an ID, I'm guessing it's probably custom.

When I grow up, I'll do a whole bunch of custom lettering stuff just to confuse other people :))

Maybe when you grow up you'll be designing the fonts for others to ID...

I love typography, but actually designing a whole font would be far too tedious for me. Impatient I am :)