(x) Washington Mutual hybrid face - Missive {Yves}


That's Stephen Farrell's Missive, one of the original hybrid faces that made everyone notice Carlos Segura's T-26 when it emerged on the type market in the early nineties, the heydays of grunge typography.

It's funny how Stephen made Missive -- a mash-up of what looks like Sabon and News Gothic -- evolve into Entropy by welding the Missive caps with Stymie, and then eventually end up with Osprey by smashing it all into Park Avenue.

I passed this on to the unbeige and they send their thanks!

Cheers, Si

What's remarkable is WaMu has a mix of T-26 and DTL if you can imagine it, DTL Prokyon for WaMu (scroll a bit), though maybe (hopefully) they're in a transition.