(x) Serif / sans serif hybrid - Dead History {Stephen}

Can anyone id this font? It was seen on some posters in the CompUSA stores at one time.

Thank you,
scott penwell



Thanks Stephan.... you are gooooooooood !!!!!!!

Figures -- he's the Original Glyph Guru, the Enlightened Identifier, the Heat Seeking Font Missile, the Character's Character, the Terrifying Type Ninja.

Of course he's good! :^D

Psssst, it's Stephen with an "e"...

Bonus points for who can tell me which typefaces this hybrid by P. Scott Makela's is based on!

3... 2... 1... Go!

VAG and Concorde?

'Centennial' + 'VAG Rounded'


You can always count on Dav... :^)