cover font on The Greens Cookbook

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This font seems to be the only one used on the front cover and spine of the new edition of The Greens Cookbook, possibly in several weights.

The attached images are screenshot's from Amazon's web view of the cover.

Thanks in advance for help identfying it.

-- Wangden

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It's an awful lot like Goldenbook. More idiosyncratic.

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Similar in a lot of respects, but not all.

The lowercase 'e' on this cover has a slanted middle line -- about 30 degrees up. Goldenbook's 'e' has a horizontal line.

The capital G on this cover has a sort of spike serif pointing straight up from the top right tip -- Goldenbook has little or no serif there. (Hard to tell at the sample size in the linked page.)

The capital G is flatter -- i.e. closer to square -- on the cover.

The lower-right vertical section of the capital G is much thicker in Goldenbook.

The place where the upper curve of the lower-case 'n' meets the left vertical section is lower on the cover than in Goldenbook. Same in the lowercase 'r'.

The two curves of the capital B are almost equal in width on the cover, but in Goldenbook the upper curve is noticeably narrower than the lower.

In general the serifs are larger on the cover than in Goldenbook.

Like the capital G, the capital O is also closer to square on the cover than in Goldenbook.

Thanks for the try, though. Anyone have other guesses?

Thanks in advance,


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