Scanline display font

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thoughts or criticism welcome:


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Really nice & coherent specimen!
But what happened to the 4?


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This looks good. Fine work.

What I like about the idea, even if it wasn't ment to be, is the way this type becomes a colour (gray) of its own.
Interesting would to combine this with a text type. In which you experiment with the width and the distance between the 'lines'.
You could even try to make a family with for example 9 wheights (10% gray, 20% gray, etc....)


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And have a "base" font too, for coloring.


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it looks like an interlaced gif halfway downloaded. its great. was that the intention?

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It's genius, Andrew. Like the work on your site
it is both technocool and useful. Splendid.

I don't see anything wrong with the '4', but I'd
like to see a 'y' with a tail like the 'g's tail.

Do not give this font away.


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Nice, Andrew. Interestingly, I've done something
very similar some time ago:


In my case, it wasn't exactly a "scanline" font,
as I used both odd and even lines as I wished. It
was made for a small project, and I didn't bother
then to design all characters, only letters and
numerals. Also, some of these characters weren't
really worked up, as they wouldn't be used at all.

I like the narrow fit of your characters, and the
color is quite even.


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Andrew, nice stuff. BTW, it reminds me a little of those letters on clothing/towel tags and such.


Rodolfo, what about that font you used for your banner? (V2000?) It looks interesting, like it has *vertical* scanlines, and it's made of two fonts that combine in different colors or something... Wazzat?


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thanks so much for the replies

Jacques - I don't believe I fully understand what you're saying - but what I think are your ideas are interesting - I'd imagine transposing the 'texture' of this font under a different / more typical screen font could maybe lead to some surprises.

the font came from a few different ideas, most prevalent was the old DOS boot-up screen font; I'm pretty sure that has the same 'scanline' look to it. also old fonts that worked w/ dot matrix printers... anyway there's gotta be at least a few fonts like this already in existence... like rodolfo's ;)

found the limitations in making this font to be interesting though, which is pretty much why I made it.. I definitely agree with you stephen about the 'y'... sticks out like a sore thumb actually

again thanks very much for your comments and ideas. it means a lot, I don't know what I'm doing :D

- andrew

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Andrew, make Paul Rand with his striped version
of City for IBM the first of us. ;)
Your face has merits, mine was an incomplete
one-off affair.
About the 'y': what's interesting is that you've
achieved almost an italic construction in letters
like b, g. Quite a feat, considering the
constraints. You should try to obtain the same
suppleness in other characters, like the y that's
been mentioned. Just as an experiment, I've tried
two alternatives to your y:


I've also fiddled with the v and the d (in the word
'traded'). You could try to 'italicize' more your
design (italicize, not slant ;)

>Rodolfo, what about that font you used for your banner? (V2000?) It looks interesting, like it has *vertical* scanlines, and it's made of two fonts that combine in different colors or something... Wazzat?

Hrant, that 'font' was done in fact for print. It
was a set of pseudo-bitmaps I designed to use in
a poster. The idea was that odd and even "vertical
scanlines" were differently colored - but with some
"pixels" out of place according to letter structure
(in the case of the typographica banner, *many*
pixels). This construction principle allowed different
shapes to emerge. I think I have an image of the
thing as it was used somewhere. If I find it, I'll
post it. V2000 was a codename (the poster was
called "Verão 2000", which means "Summer 2000".)

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Hi Andrew,
Ive made a very quick Pix to show what i meant.


grayscaletype.swf (25 k)

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it is maybe difficult to see, but i made 9 a's with 9 different stroke thickness. This leads to a kind of grayscale.
I used appr. 30° angled strokes. And the distance between the strokes i in all 9 a's equal.

This is the principle I meant.

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Rodolfo, the changes you've made work well for me, especially the 'd' which is a great improvement - same with the two 'y' characters... I think I'll do more fiddling :D

Jacques, I see what you mean. I doubt your idea would be possible for me - although it's worth trying, if only for the fact that it would be impossible ;)

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It seems nothing hasn't been said, this *is* a very nice face. One thing I appreciate the most is that while it may qualify as a bitmap font by construction, because of it's color it is very readable as well as legible due to the fact that it does have a somewhat humanist bent. Very nice. -- As for usage, what about mobile phones or PDAs?

matthew_dob's picture that font actionscripted or just straight drawn Fonthausen? Very interesting idea if actionscripted...I have long thought of making a non-bitmap actionscripted font. This could be done using just lines and circles...


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to be honest it is just drawn. But your Idea is good. Or for print, we could think about MM!


PS: waarom kan ik jouw website Nederlands instellen? Ben jij nederlands, of spreek je het misschien?

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