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Indices : Terminology : Script

1) Script. A form or Handwriting, often Cursive in nature. The word script, when used in this meaning, readily brings to mind the fancy, flowery Spencerian Scripts which were adapted for typesetting at a fairly early date. However, there are other types of scripts ranging from the formal script to the informal, as well as many other handlettering styles.

Greek Scripts

2) Script. A specific writing system, such as Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Devanagari, &c. The OpenType font format uses script tags to identify which languages can be typeset using a particular font.

See also: script tag.

3) Script. A bit of computer programing. Python scripting knowledge is an advantageous skill for today’s type designer. Several altruistic designers are willing to share their knowledge by sharing Python Scripts that they have written as well as helping others to learn to write their own scripts.