(x) Walmart/Danone - similar to Antique Olive/custom, Bickley Script {Patricia, Mark S}

Hi ,

Which font does walmart uses, I am sure it is custom made but one close to it would be good enough for me.



You call yourself slave1, do you actually work for Walmart?

Looks like Antique Olive to me


By the way, it is courteous on this site to post a link or a sample.


Nope , the name is just a star wars thing :)

Thank you Pattyfab. Well I don't think the people I did a video for are going to give me their font name anytime soon so here we go, now with links

Silhouette (tub and box):


Creamy (the creamy on the tubs):


And finally the Danone word itself inside the logo at the top left of these two pages.


Have a good one.

Both the Danone and Dannon (see here) logotypes were originally Hobo or something similar, but it looks like they've been streamlined to look more modern. Not a font, most likely.

Creamy is Bickley Script. Silhouette is most likely hand lettered, not a font. Notice how the two e's and t's are not the same.

Thank you very much for your time Mark, indeed the silhouette one is handwritten. Evrything else is custom made.