(x) Predigital fonts - various {gang}

I came across some interesting type in an old magazine and was wondering if anyone knew what the names of these typefaces were. I know there are some members here to have a great eye for predigital type. I hoping they can help.

The first one, "Far-Out", is a font that's been around for a while. There's a digital version on myfonts called Shazam. I want to know it's real name or what Shazam was based on.

I have no clue on the second sans serif sample (insect).

The third sample is very akin to Pinewood, but not the same. Anyone know it's name.

I have no idea what the fourth sample is (super).

The five sample is also a "woody" typeface. I'm hoping someone know's its name.

As always, any help is appreciated.


The tree2 typeface was called Rustic and the super one was called Book Jacket (and may be found on CorelDraw CDs as Brochure).

"insect" sure looks like Ed Benguiat's work. But don't know the name.

"super" looks like Phil Martin's work to me. Maybe "Bagatelle" but I'm not sure. http://mm2000s.net/BagatelleGraphic.jpg

Phil's Bagatelle is derived from Book Jacket, a VGC face. Bagatelle had a lower x-height, more swashes, two weights (instead of one), and some differences in details.

The one that looks like planks is an old face called Astur. I'm sure I have seen a digital version by some other name, Lower East Side or something.

Ah, yes - Astur. Two digital versions I'm aware of are Woodplank by David Rakowski (who also made that Lower East Side font) and Buster by Brendel. Rakowski created all of his fonts for the Mac originally, so a version for that platform ought to be out there somewhere.

Wow! What a wealth of information. Thanks, guys. I didn't think that Astur would have made it into the digital realm. I'm glad it did. There seems to be another digitization of Book Jacket floating around besides Brochure. It goes by its own name.

So no-one has any idea what that Farout font was called? Bob Alonzo designed Shazam which looks an awful lot like it. Does anyone know how to contact Mr. Alonzo?