(x) Melior-esque with sc+osf "Willow Glen" card - A*I Prospera {Yves}

Dear Sleuths,

Square shoulders, angled crossbar on the e, true small caps.
I've seen her before, but am drawing a blank.



Peter Fraterdeus' A*I Prospera. I simply adore this typeface, don't ask me why.

BTW Who're you calling a sleuth, punk?

Zing! :-)


A sleuth is a detective, or someone who solves mysteries...

Hahahahahaha, thanks for your concern and the explanation, Chris. I didn't know the word sleuth and thought it was related to sloth, meaning we had no lives and just hung around the Type ID Board waiting for some identification request to bring some variation in our dreary existence. Shows how little I know. :-D

BTW Randy and I know each other well enough to allow for "smiley-less" friendly insults. ;-)