(x) Defra logo - Gadget {Pieter}


I'm trying to identify what's been used for the Defra logo. It's a UK government department:


It occured to me that it could be a custom logotype, but I'm sure it's close to something. Frutiger's is quite similar (eg. the text below it is Frutiger), and so is Syntax, and it also reminds me of some of the 70s ITC fonts. I think the stems on the d and a look painterly compared to the rest of the face; it also looks like the a has been adapted from the d for display use.

I'm designing the masthead for a newsletter (for Defra), and I'd like to try something similar to their the logo but with uppercase rather than lowercase letterforms.


Defra is set in Trebuchet MS Bold.

Oops... it's not...

Thanks. I never would have guessed it, an Apple novelty font! Already had it on my machine, even. The logotype does swap the a and the d, but not in the way I had expected: the d is adapted from the a. The crossbar on the e is widened as well.