(x) Sagesse Primordiale blackletter with flourished capitals - Decadentia {Tim D}

Hi all-

I am looking for a Blackletter font that may or may not be called sagesse primordiale. It looks similar to Ayers Royal but with more pronounced flourishes. I have attached a very bad gif of it, but it will give an idea of how it looks. I would be so happy if I could find it!

Thanks in advance for any help offered with this.


Updat-It is not called Sagesse primordiale. Still I haven't a clue what it is.

i think it might be Savoy Etched (smooshed).


Decadentia expanded



Decadentia!!! yes. thank you

hey wait...It's squished.
So my next question is who took the poor, poor typeface, squished it and called it Decadentia? Anyone know what the original is called? I might use Decadentia though.

the savoy etched is nicer I think. Thanks for the help

Actually, Decadentia is not correct. That was one of Manfred Klein's filter-a-font experiments. The typeface he used was either Paul Lloyd's Ruritania or Dieter Steffmann's Rothenburg Decorative.

I'm not sure what the typeface's original name was, but, as a rule, Steffmann tends to use the original while Lloyd makes up his own names. Still, I like Lloyd's font Ruritania better. It seems a little cleaner.

If you stretch either of these, you will get a match. Decadentia's distorted characters won't work. Look at the 'm' for the most obvious mismatch.

yes.. Decadentia is really awful now that I look at it. Ruritania is beautiful but savoy is absolutely gorgeous and without all the little artifacts stuck to it.