Yes Virginia, it snows in Virgina.

First snow of the Winter and 10 inches to boot :-)



time to break out the x country skis!

it's been like that here in manitoba since november. welcome to winter.

oh yes.

What a wuss, Chris ;-)

North of Boston we're getting 18+ inches and snow drifts halfway up the car!

I moved to Virginia from Pittsburgh 30 years ago partly to get away from Winter. We definitely have wuss Winters here for sure but the place gets crippled at the prediction of a flake falling. They close schools here if snow becomes a category on the Jeopardy TV show! This was actually the first snow of the season here and it is mid February!
You guys can have it all and ski your brains out :-)


I just saw a report on the US snowstorm, and wondered about the temperature. Looks pretty wet, so I'd say not below -2 °C?

Last week we had a nice layer of new snow and it was -14 °C or so, just warmer than the border for the kids not to go skiing/skating at the school PE lesson.

Yes, it is a heavy, wet snow and just under 30 degrees F here. Probably a warm Summer day for you in Finland :-)